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Nestled in the heart of rural St. Joseph County, we serve approximately 150 students grades kindergarten through eighth grade.

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Important Announcement Regarding Monday’s Solar Eclipse

On August 21, 2017 the moon will pass between the earth and the sun for the first coast-to-coast total solar eclipse since 1918. This will occur in St. Joseph County from around 2:15 PM until 2:30 PM.

While this will be a spectacular and unique experience, it will not be without some danger. If your child stares directly into the sun, he or she could become temporarily or even permanently blinded.


Nottawa News – June 2017

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Seriously, how can it be the end of school! Wasn’t it just September? What a great year we have had here at Nottawa School! We are so looking forward to the graduation of our 8th grade students!


Thankfully, my health has turned the corner and I am able to be back at school! I missed our students, staff and all of our families and I am so happy to be back! I will be continuing my chemo treatments and then radiation until the end of August. Then I hope that I will be cancer free.

Next Year

Next year you will see a new principal in the office. We have begun the interview process and will be recommending out top candidate to the Board of Education.

Good news!  I will be staying on as the Superintendent so I am not going away! My role will be to help the new principal make a smooth transition to our school, students and families. When January of 2018 roles around, that will be when I start a new chapter in my life called, retirement.


As I look at our graduates, I see such a promising future ahead for them. Their enthusiasm, positive outlook and zest for life will take them far in their next chapter. I wish them the very best in their new journey.

Thank You

To all of our families who share with us their children. It is a precious gift that we take seriously. Our mission every day is to help each child succeed no matter what it takes. The staff at Nottawa School is not only dedicated to making a difference for every child, but they make it happen that every child is successful. There is nothing more that we can ask for!

Thank you all for your support, your prayers and sharing your children with us! Have the best summer ever and we will see you on September 5!

Ruth Rowe, Superintendent

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